PASIG 2019

Local Arrangements Committee Recommendations for Mexico City

Local Hotel Accommodation

There is no official PASIG 2019 hotel, but the following hotels are within a short distance to El Colegio de México:

Additional accommodations are available closer to the city center, but will require a longer taxi ride (45-60 minutes, approx. $12USD/$170MXN) to arrive at the Colegio de México. Taking public transit to the Colegio is not recommended. Neighborhoods with good lodging options and Airbnb options include Coyoacán, Roma, Condesa, and Del Valle.


From the airport to your hotel. The least expensive and safest way to get to your hotel from the airport is in Uber. Taxis that are based at the airport usually offer higher rates. Instructions  to use the service: https://www.uber.com/en-MX/airports/mex/

Getting around  the city. It is advisable to use taxi services such as Uber or Cabify. Otherwise, use a taxi from an official taxi station. Try not to use street taxis, as they tend to have poor service and may even pose a risk to tourists.

The Metro and Metrobus of Mexico City are usually very crowded, especially in the downtown area, because many people go to the large number of shops and offices that are there. Exercise caution, because in these means of transportation pickpockets abound  and are especially expert in stealing cell phones.

There is a public transport card that you can use and recharge in the Metro and Metrobus. (http://data.metrobus.cdmx.gob.mx/tarifa_pago.html#tarjeta)

Whenever you are on the street, try not to carry valuables in sight.

Food and drink

Do not drink tap water. The water of Mexico City is not of good drinking  quality. Always drink bottled water.

Mexican cuisine is varied and often spicy. Do not leave without trying our gastronomy, just take into account the effect on your stomach.

Street food businesses abound throughout the city, which are not recommended since food does not meet the minimum levels of hygiene.


Among the wide range of museums in the center and west of the city, we highly recommend a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology (https://www.mna.inah.gob.mx), Palace of Fine Arts Museum (http://museopalaciodebellasartes.gob.mx)  and the Memory and Tolerance Museum (https://www.myt.org.mx).

If you are worried about visiting specific places, you can ask the members of the local committee (Natalie Baur, Alberto Martínez, Eduardo Ruvalcaba, and Rodrigo Cuellar), who will gladly guide you about the convenience of visiting certain places.


Mexico City has a spring-like climate, which can be quite warm and sunny in the afternoons, but chilly in the mornings and evenings. It is advisable to dress in layers to remain comfortable throughout the day.