PASIG 2019


(Note: As this program is in the stages of being finalized, additional speaker names will be added once confirmed)


9.30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Welcome

10:05 Introduction to digital preservation, Tom Cramer (Stanford University)

10:45 Tools and Resources to do Self Assessment, Amy Rudersdorf (AVP), Ben Fino Radin (Small Data Industries)

11:30 BREAK

11:50 Training and Education Opportunities, Frances Harrell (NEDCC), and other speakers to be announced

12:50 LUNCH

13:50 Digital Preservation Community Building, Carl Wilson (OPF), Jessica Meyerson (Educopia), Courtney Mumma (Texas Digital Library), and other speakers to be announced

14:50 Vendor and Service Provider Environmental Scan, David Minor (University of California at San Diego), Amy Rudersdorf (AVP)

15:15 BREAK

15:45 Digital Preservation Storage Environmental Scan, Neil Jefferies (Oxford University), Sibyl Schaefer (University of California at San Diego)


13 February, 2019

8:30 Coffee and Registration

9:00 Keynote – Carlos Martínez Suárez, Video Trópico Sur

Session 1 – Latin American and Caribbean Perspective

9:45 Digital Preservation: Theory and Practice in Mexico

10:05 Discussion Panel: Digital Preservation GLAM-LATAM

11:00 BREAK

Session 2 – Format Considerations

11:30 AV Preservation Case Study

11:55 Emerging Formats, Eduardo del Valle (British Library)

12:25 Session TBD

12:45 LUNCH

Session 3 – Building Capacity

14:00 Digital Preservation Assessment, Frances Harrell (NEDCC)

14:25 Digital Case Study

14:50 Building Capacity Case Study, Miguel Ángel Márdero Arellano (Cariniana Network Coordinator)

15:20 BREAK

Session 4 – Community Lightning Rounds

15:50 Storage Vendor Lightning Rounds

16:20 Digital Preservation Vendor and Service Provider Lightning Rounds


14 February, 2019

8:30 Coffee and Registration

Session 5 – Ethics/Politics of Preservation

9:00 Politics of Preservation LIghtning Talks

9:30 Community Archives, Nancy Godoy (Arizona State University), Veronica Reyes-Escudero (University of Arizona)

10:05 Community Archives Session

10:30 BREAK

Session 6 – Sustainability

11:00 Sustainability Featured Talk, Thomas Ledoux (Bibliotheque nationale de France)

11:30 Digital Preservation Documentation, Isabel Bordes (Biblioteca Nacional de España)

12:00 LUNCH

Session 7 – Distributed Digital Preservation

13:30 Distributed Digital Preservation Interview, Courtney Mumma (Texas Digital Library), Grant Hurley (University of Toronto)

14:10 LOCKSS/LAWS, Mark Jordan (Simon Fraser University), Nicholas Taylor (Stanford University)

Session 8 – Business of Digital Preservation

14:40 Storage Cost Modeling, Julian Morley (Stanford University)

15:00 Storage Case Studies

15:30 BREAK

Session 8 – Data Persistence in Practice,

16:00 Feature talk, Amelia Acker (University of Texas at Austin)

16:30 Software Curation Panel, Jessica Meyerson (Educopia), and other speakers to be announced

17:10 Closing, Tom Cramer (Stanford University)